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  Preparing for a Bed Bug Service Call

  1. Plan to stay out of your apartment for 4 hours from the time of your service.
  2. Entry to your unit is essential.
  3. Remove all bedding from the bed before the technician arrives.
  4. Reduce clutter to limit hiding places for bedbugs.
  5. Do not bring any used furniture or bedding into your unit.
  6. After you return to your unit, thoroughly clean the infested rooms as well as others in the residence. Scrub infested surfaces with a stiff brush to dislodge the bedbug eggs and use a powerful vacuum to remove bedbugs from the cracks and crevices. Dismantling the bed frames will expose additional bedbug hiding places. Remove drawers from desks and dressers to inspect and clean all hiding spots.
  7. Mattresses and box springs can be permanently encased with special mattress bags (purchased in the linen dept. at any department store) any bug trapped inside these sealed bags will eventually die.
  8. To prevent bed bugs from crawling onto the bed, pull the bed frame away from the wall tuck blankets and sheets so they do not touch the floor.
  9. Place the legs of the bed into empty cans or glass jars filled with water since bedbugs can't fly and have difficulty climbing a vertical service (#9 is optional).
  10. All bedding should be washed in the hottest water possible.
  11. Place all children's toys in plastic bags, cover all utensils on your kitchen counters.
  12. Remember to remove the vacuum bag after you vacuum. Place the bag in zip lock storage or freezer bag and discard it into the rubbish.